JDBIO, a global medical leading group, participated in the 39th International Medical Device Hospital Facilities Exhibition 2024 (KIMES 2024), held from March 14th to 17th, 2024.

At the exhibition, JDBIO showcased its outstanding products, including its botulinum toxin and fillers, OneFill™, Exo'One, One Tox®, RICHESSE™, JADE™, and DEMEI™, to visitors and attendees from around the world, aiming to promote them effectively.

KIM JINDONG, the representative of JDBIO, stated, "At this year's KIMES, we are promoting our ONE™ brand products, including OneFill™, Exo'One, and One Tox®, and through this stage at KIMES, we will firmly establish our position as a global medical beauty group.