HA Dermal Filler


HA 20mg

Maximized advantage of HA Dermal Filler

1.0mL x 1syringe
Needles 30G(13mm) x 2pcs

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  • DEMEI #1 is High-quality Maximized raw Minimized chemical material Advanced generation of hyaluronic acid monophasic fillers based with the lowest BDDE level

    Advanced generation of monophasic fillers based on highly purified hyaluronic acid with the lowest BDDE level, and outstanding viscosity, which ensures uniform distribution of the gel and makes the procedure easier and smoother.

    - High-quality raw material Minimized chemical
    - Cross-linking rate using BDDE
    - Advanced residual BDDE cleaning process 

    Excellent viscoelasticity
    - Uniform crosslinked HA structure
    - Soft viscoelastic gel texture to make a natural effect 

    - Keeping initial volume for a long time by cohesive gel
    - Improved skin integration, perfect blending with surrounding skin layers

    Soft injection
    - Smooth and even injection
    - Low extrusion force compare to the others

  • • HA Concentration : 20mg/mL
    • Indications : Light wrinkles, around the eyes area
    • Packaging : 1.0mL x 1syringe
    • Needle size : 30G x ½" (13mm) • Storage : 1~30℃
    • Shelf life : 24 months

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