Fat Dissolvers

Lipo One Premium

Phosphatidylcholine 1,000mg

Lipo One Premium is a fat dissolving injection that contains Phosphatidylcholine, Sodium Deoxycholate.

10mL x 10vials

Lipo One Premium
Lipo One Premium
Lipo One Premium
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  • Lipo One Premium

    Lipo One Premium solution injections offer many benefits towards weight loss. It reduces the storage of fat, increases your metabolism, and gives you increased energy. It is a product originally made in Korea that targets the melting of subcutaneous fat. Lipo One Premium seeks and destroys fat cells and aids in letting them out of the body

     through your excreted bodily fluids like sweat and urine. Furthermore, internal combustion, the burning stored fat in the body, also aids in letting the fats out. It does not incur the so-called yo-yo phenomenon.

    What's Lipo One Premium

    PPC lipolysis, hailed as the latest solution for obesity, is gaining attention as the 'second Botulinum toxin'. Released as a renowned product after clinical trials involving over 10,581 participants in the UK reported no side effects, it has become even more famous. It is now highly popular in over 60 countries. Lipo One Premium, ranging in size from 50 to 70mm, penetrates faster and safer, making it easy to see quick results. A single session (based on 8-10 ampoules for the abdomen) typically results in a 1-2 inch reduction in size, while two sessions can lead to reductions of 3-6 inches or more.

  • treatment will reduce sagging and improve skin's texture.

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