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Rejuran Elaskin


Rejuran® Elaskin Essence is a delicate polynucleotide(PN) extracted from salmon. Nucleotides are the basic molecular structure shared by all organisms, a non-synthetic compound, a drug-free component, and highly safe. Nucleotides are the basic structural units which make up DNA.

2mL x 2syringe

Rejuran Elaskin
Rejuran Elaskin
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  • High Quality Rejuran Elaskin Essence Rejuran Elaskin Essence Collagen Booster Anti Aging Skin Moisture Wrinkle Remover Rejuran Healerelastin, and 
contributing to the restoration of the extracellular matrix. effect to Improve Skin Elasticity & Improve Skin texture & Improve wrinkles REJURAN elaskin essence stimulates collagen growth in the skin, not only to improve the skin condition but also to increase the elasticity of the skin. GHK-Cu is a natural copper complex of the tripeptide glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine. GHK-Cu can improve wound healing, immune function, and skin health by stimulating collagen, and fibroblasts and promoting blood vessel growth.
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