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RICHESSE Collafilo

Atelo Collagen 3%

Made by JDBIO Korean company, Collafilo is a regeneration Solution that Collagen Proliferates itself. Contains 3% of atelo collagen.

1.0mL x 1syringe
Needles 30G x 2pcs

RICHESSE Collafilo
RICHESSE Collafilo
RICHESSE Collafilo
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  • RICHESSE Collafilo is High-purity collagen filler with minimized immune reaction

    Richesse™ Collafilo is an absorbable collagen tissue supplement which consists of high purity collagen with a minimized immune reaction by removal of the portion of telopeptide with antigenicity.

    • Low immune adverse effect
    • Biocompatibility & biodegradability
    • Promotion of cell growth & differentiation
    • Inducement of hemostasis
    • Blood clotting
    • Promotion of tissue regeneration

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